Last Updated: July 9, 2018

Mokool Sports Games is committed to creating fun and exciting mobile app games.  These games, all other applications and websites developed by Mokool Sports Games for the smartphone, tablet, web and other mobile devices. is the property of “MoKooL Sports Game.” (MSG).  MSG afforded the highest level of importance to the privacy of all information provided by users of its mobile games, products and services. Mokool Sports Games (Apps) has adopted this Privacy Policy to explain how MSG collects, stores, and uses the information collected in connection with Mokool Sports Games mobile games,  products, services, and websites.

By using the Services you agree to observe and be bound by this Privacy Policy and you consent to the processing, collection, use and disclosure of your information and data in accordance with its terms. Please do not use Mokool Sports Games products and services if you do not agree to this Privacy Policy.

If you are a minor by law under 18 years of age, you must get permission from a parent or guardian prior to providing us with any personal information.


Mokool Sports Games will only collect personal information where it is reasonably necessary to do so for the conduct of our business. Any collection of personal information by us will be fair and lawful and will not be intrusive. Mokool Sports Games does not use or collect information about your precise geographic location.

  • In this Privacy Policy ‘non-personal data’ means data that does not identify you directly. ‘Non-personal data’ means data we may collect from you from which any personally identifiable data has been removed. And “personal data” means personally identifiable information that specifically identifies you as an individual. This data may be ‘aggregated’ with other data to help us improve our products and services in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If it is reasonable and practical to do so, Mokool Sports Games will collect personal information about you only from you. In the course of operating the business, however, it may be necessary to collect personal information from various external sources and may use tools or third party analytical software such as Facebook analytics and Google Analytics to automatically collect and use certain non-personal data that does not directly enable Mokool Sports Games to identify you.

Analytics companies may access anonymous data (such as your IP address or device ID) to help us understand how our applications, products and services are being used. They use this data solely on our behalf. They do not share it except in aggregate form; no data is shared as to any individual user.

Mokool Sports Games may collect information regarding your use of our software, applications and/or services, including information about the duration of your use, the features you use and your interactions with other users of the software, applications and/or services. Mokool Sports Games may aggregate information about you collected across your usage of different software, applications or services offered by us.

Mokool Sports Games applications, products and/or services may use “cookies” and other technologies such as pixel tags, locally shared objects, and web beacons. Mokool Sports Games treats information collected by cookies and similar technologies as non-personal data.


In general, Mokool Sports Games will not use or disclose personal information about you otherwise than for the purpose of providing or offering services to you, for any other purpose that you may reasonably expect, for any other purpose authorized by law, or for any other purposes disclosed to or authorized by you. This may include disclosures to organizations that provide us with professional advice, such as solicitors, accountants and business advisors.

Mokool Sports Games may provide aggregated or anonymous information to third parties for the purposes of developing and delivering targeted advertising. Mokool Sports Games will not share your personal information with such third parties without your consent. Mokool Sports Games Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party activities, and you should make your own assessment of the privacy policies of these third parties. We strongly recommend you read these third-party policies, and the terms and conditions attaching to the third party offerings, prior to access or use.

Mokool Sports Games may use information held about you to verify your compliance with any terms and conditions that may apply to use of our applications, products and/or services.

Mokool Sports Games will, wherever possible, maintain personal information in strict confidence. Any disclosure that is required to be made to any third party will be made primarily for the purpose of behaviorally targeted advertising and/or for offering goods and services to you.

Any personal information submitted to Mokool Sports Games online, via the applications and/or other services, may need to be processed by a third party. By submitting such personal information, you consent to the disclosure of that information to a third party, who may be located overseas, for the sole purpose of processing the submitted information.

Mokool Sports Games may also use or disclose personal information about you to avoid, lessen or prevent a serious emergency or crime. If we use or disclose personal information about you in those circumstances Mokool Sports Games will make a written record of such use or disclosure.


There may be certain instances, where you will be given the option to provide us with information that Mokool Sports Games will state and inform as being publicly available. You acknowledge and agree that if you include any personal information in such materials, that personal information may be made publicly available.

In certain instances, you may be given the opportunity to provide us with information that Mokool Sports Games states as being shared with other users of our software, applications or services. For example, you may be able to send a message to another user. You acknowledge and agree that if you include any personal information in such materials, that personal information may be shared with the relevant other users.


Mokool Sports Games may use your contact information that we hold, and where you authorize us we may use notifications to your device or connected third party user account, in order to contact you regarding:

  1. Information relevant to your use of our applications  products or services; or
  2. News, information about our activities and other offerings, and general promotional materials which we believe may be useful or of interest to you.


Please note that there are inherent risks in transmitting information over the Internet. There is a possibility that this information could be accessed by a third party while in transit. You should make your own assessment of the possible security risks to your information when deciding whether or not to use Mokool Sports Games applications products and/or services.

Mokool Sports Games will take any reasonably necessary steps needed to secure all records of your information and to ensure that they are protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. However, there is the possibility that, despite all our efforts, your personal information may be subject to unauthorized access, and you assume this risk.

You are responsible for protecting any password selected by you, or issued to you by Mokool Sports Games, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

Mokool Sports Games will delete your personal information once it is no longer needed or required to be kept by law.


You may request access or changes to your personal information at any time by sending a written request via email to  You do not need to provide a reason for your request. Mokool Sports Games may charge a small fee for providing access if it requires a significant amount of time and resources to locate your information.

In rare circumstances, and only where it is permitted by law, Mokool Sports Games may not be able to provide you with access to your information. For example, where the requested access will have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of others or where we are required by law to withhold the information, we may refuse access. If we are unable to provide you with access, we will provide you with reasons for our refusal.

If your personal information is out of date or incorrect, you may inform us of this and we will correct it for you.

Mokool Sports Games reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice, so please review it frequently. Your continued use of Mokool Sports Games Apps games, products and services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.  Should you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at