How To Get Daily Coins with The Reward Wheel

The spin wheel is a classic game seen everywhere be we’ve put our own spin on it and call it the Reward Wheel in World Hockey Championships.

You can get 1 free spin on the wheel once every 24 hours or buy more spins to spin more often. Once you spin it, the countdown starts again and after 24 hours you are free to spin the wheel and claim more prizes.

What is a hockey game without collecting hockey cards? The Rewards wheel has two wheels inside it, both move in opposite directions and you end up with 2 guaranteed prizes each time you spin.

Prize 1 – You win Coins

Each time you spin the reward wheel you will get a certain amount of coins.   The amount of coins will vary based on how lucky you get – a pre-spin ritual can always help.

Prize 2 – You win a hockey card

Each time you spin, you also get a hockey card. It’s the only way to a free one, but if you want more spins (which means more prizes!) and hockey cards, you can always purchase more.

After you spin the Rewards Wheel, you will claim your prize.

It is well worth coming back each day and taking a spin at the wheel and see where you end up.

You can access the Reward Calendar from the Main Menu > Mini Games > Rewards Wheel