The Hockey Card Game in World Hockey Championships

To make World Hockey Championship more fun, we have included a series of mini games including a Rewards Wheel, Reward Calendar, Scratch & Score and the Hockey Card game.   Everyday you come back to the reward wheel you win coins and collect a card.

You can trade in cards to get prizes.   Let me explain how you get cards, trade in cards and get rid of cards.

How To Get Cards

To get a card you will spin the ‘Rewards Wheel,’ which will give you a prize and a hockey card.  You can spin the reward wheel once every 24 hours.  You can win or buy extra spins (which guarantees one hockey cards per a spin).


Once the wheel stops and you see the coin reward and card, you will collect your winnings.


The card you receive will show up in the Hockey Card Game.   You can access this by going to the mini games from Main Menu. Click on the ‘Mini Games’ button and you will see all 4 games show up. Click on Card Games.

Types of Cards

There are 6 cards you can collect. Each is a player in the hockey game.

  • LW – Left Wing
  • RW – Right Wing
  • LD – Left Defense
  • RD – Right Defense
  • C – Center
  • G – Goalie

You can keep up to 10 cards at any given time.  If you collect too many hockey cards, you will have to trade them in or delete them.

You have to make the decision on whether to trade more common hockey cards in for a lower prize or hold out and wait for a bigger prize without exceeding 10 cards.   If you have 10 cards, then any new cards won’t show up for you. It is always a good idea to make sure you have space for that golden hockey card.


How To Claim a Prize

You can view the prize list at the bottom of the hockey card game.   Once you have the right cards to claim a prize, click on the card and drag it down to one of the slots below.   You will notice the prize list will become smaller and will only show you the prizes you are eligible to claim.


Once you have all the cards needed to claim the prize, click on ‘Collect Reward’ at the bottom.

Now once the prize is claimed, you will go back to the hockey card game. You still have cards left and can use the remaining cards to collect another prize when you have the right hockey cards to trade in. If you have extra cards you do not want, let me show you how to delete them.


In this case here, you don’t have enough for another prize yet, but you’re one LW away from it, so keep coming back each day and spinning to collect more prizes.

How To Delete Hockey Cards

You can have a maximum of 10 cards at one time. If you have 10 cards, any new cards will not show up on your hockey cards list. It is always a good idea to have an open slot for new hockey games since you never know when you will get a rare card.

Click on the hockey card you want to delete and you will see a red X appear on the top right corner (the same way you delete an application on your phone). Then you choose all the cards you want to delete. In this case we have 2 Center and 2 Right Defense, so let’s delete a C and RD.


Once you have chosen the hockey cards you want to delete, you will click on the red X. A confirmation screen will confirm you want to delete these cards. Once you delete them, you can never get them back again.

Now you have a good idea on how the hockey card collecting game works, how to get hockey cards, trade in hockey cards for prizes and delete them if you don’t have enough.

This is just one of the many ways to have fun with World Hockey Championships outside the main game play.