To make World Hockey Championship more fun, we have included a series of mini games including a Rewards Wheel, Reward Calendar, Scratch & Score and the Hockey Card game.   Everyday you come back to the reward wheel you win coins and collect a hockey card.

You can trade in cards to get prizes.   Let me explain how you get cards, trade in cards and get rid of cards.

How To Get Cards

To get a card you will spin the ‘Rewards Wheel,’ which will give you a prize and a hockey card.  You can spin the reward wheel once every 24 hours.  You can win or buy extra spins (which guarantees one hockey cards per a spin).

Once the wheel stops and you see the coin reward and card, you will collect your winnings.

The card you receive will show up in the Hockey Card Game.   You can access this by going to the mini games from Main Menu. Click on the ‘Mini Games’ button and you will see all 4 games show up. Click on Card Games.

Types of Cards

There are 6 cards you can collect. Each is a player in the hockey game.

  • LW - Left Wing
  • RW - Right Wing
  • LD - Left Defense
  • RD - Right Defense
  • C - Center
  • G - Goalie

You can keep up to 10 cards at any given time.  If you collect too many hockey cards, you will have to trade them in or delete them.

You have to make the decision on whether to trade more common hockey cards in for a lower prize or hold out and wait for a bigger prize without exceeding 10 cards.   If you have 10 cards, then any new cards won’t show up for you. It is always a good idea to make sure you have space for that golden hockey card.

How To Claim a Prize

You can view the prize listat the bottom of the hockey card game.   Once you have the right cards to claim a prize, click on the card and drag it down to one of the slots below.   You will notice the prize list will become smaller and will only show you the prizes you are eligible to claim.


Once you have all the cards needed to claim the prize, click on ‘Collect Reward’ at the bottom.

Now once the prize is claimed, you will go back to the hockey card game. You still have cards left and can use the remaining cards to collect another prize when you have the right hockey cards to trade in. If you have extra cards you do not want, let me show you how to delete them.

In this case here, you don’t have enough for another prize yet, but you’re one LW away from it, so keep coming back each day and spinning to collect more prizes.

How To Delete Hockey Cards

You can have a maximum of 10 cards at one time. If you have 10 cards, any new cards will not show up on your hockey cards list. It is always a good idea to have an open slot for new hockey games since you never know when you will get a rare card.

Click on the hockey card you want to delete and you will see a red X appear on the top right corner (the same way you delete an application on your phone). Then you choose all the cards you want to delete. In this case we have 2 Center and 2 Right Defense, so let’s delete a C and RD.

Once you have chosen the hockey cards you want to delete, you will click on the red X. A confirmation screen will confirm you want to delete these cards. Once you delete them, you can never get them back again.

Now you have a good idea on how the hockey card collecting game works, how to get hockey cards, trade in hockey cards for prizes and delete them if you don’t have enough.

This is just one of the many ways to have fun with World Hockey Championships outside the main game play.


How To Get Daily Coins in The Reward Calendar

You may have seen the idea of coming back each day to get coins and the more days you come back in a row, the more coins you get. We’ve put a Mokool Sports Games twist on this concept to let players get free coins and help support the game through our sponsors.

You will come back each day to collect coins/bucks. You watch a short sponsor ad from our partners and as a thank you for watching that video you will get free coins or bucks. Each day you come back in a row, you will earn more coins.

If you miss a day and were on a hot streak, we offer buying Missed Day Passes. This way you can get a pass on the missed day and keep on playing.

You can access the reward Calendar from the Main Menu > Mini Games > Rewards Calendar

How to get coins playing Scratch & Score

The Scratch and Score card lets you earn more prizes. You can win 100 coins up to 500,000 coins by scratching 3 of the same number.

Here is an example of a Mokool Sports Game Scratch Card for World Hockey Championships

How To Get Scratches:

  • You will get free scratches when you play for the first time
  • You can trade in hockey cards to get scratches
  • You can buy scratches (on the Scratch and Score page)
  • Sometimes we randomly surprise you with them

You can access the reward Calendar from the Main Menu > Mini Games > Scratch & Score

How To Get Coins and Other Free Bonus’s in World Hockey Championships

The first time you play WHC you are given free coins to start playing other players. If you need more coins you can pay for more, or you can earn more free coins. (see below). I will share with you the many ways to get coins in World Hockey Championships. We wanted to make this game as fun as possible and appreciate you paying for coins to support the game and our other future projects, however not everyone can afford to spend money and we will make sure you will always have a option to get free coins and to play.

You will get some coins to start, you can choose to play a hockey game one on one or tournament. Now if you would like to increase your coins, head over to the mini games where there are a few more ways to increase your initial coins amount right away, you can also visit our free coin section to get even more free coins. Let me explain the different ways to get free coins in World Hockey Championships.

Reward Wheel

Spin the reward wheel and get free coins and a hockey card guaranteed in each spin. Every 24 hours you can come back and spin the wheel and you are guaranteed to win coins and a World Hockey Championships card. Collect the hockey cards on your iOS or android device which I will explain to you shortly how they work and trade in for prizes.

Where: Main Menu > Mini Games > Reward Wheel

Spin Wheel for World Hockey Championships for Apple iOS and Android

Reward Calendar

Another way you can come back everyday for guaranteed coins is the Reward Calendar.  Everyday you can come back and collect a reward from our sponsors. Watch a short video and get a reward. Each day in a row you do collect the reward, your reward gets bigger. If you missed a day, you can buy a missed day package.

Where: Main Menu > Mini Games > Reward Wheel


Hockey Scratch Card

Another way to get free coins is play the World Hockey Championships Scratch & Score game. You can scratch the card for a chance to win a prize. You will get a free scratch card when you download the game and can win more in the card game and other various fun ways.  You can also purchase scratch cards.

Where: Main Menu > Mini Games > Scratch Card

Scratch Card for World Hockey Championships for Apple iOS and Android


World Hockey Championships – Hockey Card Game

You can collect WHC hockey cards and trade them in for prizes! Some WHC are very rare and can be traded for really valuable prizes!

You can can collect ten WHC cards at a time, but you can delete collected cards anytime, and keep searching for the rare ones!

Where: Main Menu > Mini Games > Reward Wheel

Free Coins

You can also get coins from the free coins section of the game, there are 4 options for free coins – Free Hourly Coins, Rewarded Videos, Daily Missions and Tapjoy.

Free Coins Menu for Scratch Card for World Hockey Championships for Apple iOS and Android

Hourly Free Coins

Free coins are available every hour if you sign up for a Mokool Account or connect your account through Facebook. Just visit the Hourly Coins section and tap to get your coins!

This feature only available if you signed up with a Mokool Account or Connected Facebook.

Where: Main Menu > Free Coins > Hourly Coins

Free Coins for Scratch Card for World Hockey Championships for Apple iOS and Android


Rewarded Video

Free coins are available when you watch a video from our gaming advertising partners. If you like what they offer and install it, we get paid. This is partly how we bring you free games with paid options. It’s always nice to appreciation for our partners who support us

Where: Main Menu > Free Coins > Rewarded Video


Daily Missions

Everyday you will be given a set of 3 daily missions and when you accomplish those daily missions you will get a daily prize. In order to use this, you need to have a Mokool account. You can see the Daily Missions option on the screen above.

Where: Main Menu > Free Coins > Daily Missions


You can also look at Tapjoy offer wall and see different options on how to get more coins. These can vary from watching a video, playing a game or trying a trial offer, check it out to see the offers.

Where: Main Menu > Free Coins > Tapjoy

Invite Friend

When you invite a friend on Facebook and they accept, both you and the friend will get some bonus coins. It pays to invite friends and is fun to play against a friend (more fun to beat them).

Levelling Up

When you play the game you will get experience points for playing and a lot more for winning a game. As you increase in levels you will get some bonus coins or bucks. The more you play, the more you will get back, this is another great way to get coins in the game.


You can send and receive coins between friends. Request coins from a friend and have them send you coins or send a friend some coins. This is another feature exclusive to Mokool account members.

Gifts for World Hockey Championships for Apple iOS and Android


The Store

You can also get coins by buying coins in the store. World Hockey Championships is free to play for everyone, however the cost/maintenance of it is expensive, so if you really enjoy the game, please support this game and help keep future projects going by buying coins in the store. We want to make it free so everyone can play and have fun, however really do appreciate the support.

Those are the many ways you can get coins in World Hockey Championships. You can always support us and buy coins which is really appreciated. You can also guy extra spins, scratches, missed days and specials we will have.

The Making of WHC

World Hockey Championships and Early User Testing Feedback Game Play Testing Challenges

The Making of WHC

Testing the game is an important part of the process. If you want to help test, please Visit – Become A Beta Tester

There are so many different types of testing, from technical to user experience. The testing here involves real people seeing the game and giving their feedback on it. In the process so far, and we are just getting started, I have learned so much and will share it.

Game Feel Being a multiplayer game, you require wto people to play (we are working on a AI portion later on for single players). So testing as a single person becomes a little tricky. I tried to make a video and share it with people, but it was hard to get a real feel for it from a video. It was also hard to get a feel when you cannot play multiplayer yet. Okay, so we are asking for feedback too early, so now we are planning to wait.

Game Polish – The most common feedback I got was that there were no sound effects and a lack of animation on the game. This was a known ‘incomplete’ as we have not put the final touches to the game or added sounds yet.  We want to get the basics down first then we will do this. Again, too early on testing.

Only One First Impression – So we are asking people to test the game, but you only get one chance to make a first impression. We may soon run out of people to test, and if you want to beta test – do sign up at Become A Beta Tester. We are always looking for people to test the game and give us valuable feedback. Next time, I would wait a little longer before actually showing it to people.

Who Are Your Game Testers – You may remember the episode of Silicon Valley where they only asked engineers to test it and the user experience was just terrible for everyday users like Monica. Well, we tried to give it to both end users, explaining ‘hey, this is not the final product’ but it was hard for some end users to get that it was not done. I am guilty of being a visual person myself. :). I also handed it to people in the industry and they are like, ‘we can’t test it on video or single player’.

So we are working on making it multiplayer before trying to test it again. This is tricky since some programming can just be tweaked and others just have to be written again. We are hoping that most of it will be tweaks; however, our goal is an amazing user game experience.

I am pretty excited about the game experience so far. I am sensing it will give a real hockey feel to the game. This is something a little more tricky on mobile, however I think we have nailed it, but will know for sure only when it hits the market. Feedback is always welcome.

We have gone through several versions of the game play and completely changed the physics on how it was going to work before we started coding. This was a very good thing since if we had gone with our original game play, we would have had to scratch it and start on the new plan again. The goal of the game play was a hockey like feel and to be unique to other game plays on the market. I cannot wait to show it to you.

If you’ve got feedback, please do share it with me.

The Making of WHC

The Technical Challenges of Creating World Hockey Championships Part 1

The Making of WHC

The game’s progress is coming along and we are working on the core part which is the game play. In this part we have faced many technical issues, some of which I will explain in this blog post.

The game play is the most important part of the whole project. It also creates the most issues in programming and designing. I feel like we still have a ways to go on the game play even with the great progress we have already made.

So let me discuss a few of the technical issues we have faced

Mirroring – This is when one user’s screen is shown on another user’s device. So if one user changes their player position on their device, it will be repeated on the other user’s screen in exactly the same way.

If two players are playing on the same device, this is much easier as the screen size is the same, however, different screen sizes and devices exist. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus are two different sizes. The iPhone 6 Plus is longer than the iPhone 5, so we have to match it up.

Servers – We are using Amazon AWS and it has some limitations which we are working through. Keeping up to date on latest updates and patches from Amazon is critical to avoiding issues. This project has been running for almost 2 years and in that time, things change, they change a lot. So we need to make sure we are keeping up with what is happening with the server resources.

Real Time – The game includes real-time chat. The users can chat with each other in pre-set chat boxes. This seems simple, right? Well, the conversation is in real time, so it needs to appear on the other user’s device so they can respond back. We need to decide how long will it show for, make sure it shows immediately and connect the devices.

Updated Stats – The team worked on making sure the stats are up to date. Like a real hockey game experience, we keep track of users’ shots, goals, shutouts and, of course, Goals Against Average.  f a user quits half way through a game OR loses their internet connection, we need to make sure these stats are accurate, therefore it needs to be updated in real time. If a user quits, the goals, shots and other stats are counted towards the stats of the game  Keeping stats is an important part of the hockey experience.

Player Movement – We are still working on the game play so this is work in progress, however we have changed the way the game play will work. How the player moves? How will they pass? How to control the goalie? This is all interactive with each other to create the game play experience. It has to balance being easy enough that it is understandable by the player and still replicate the hockey game experience.

These are a few of the technical issues that we have faced in creating the game play experience for this game. We are getting through the most critical part of this project and slowly making good progress.

The Making of WHC

The Making Of World Hockey Championships Update 3 – How to Get Free Coins

So we have made lots of progress this last couple of weeks. We’ve been working on adding new features and making the game more fun.

The main game play is the core of the game and that is coming. However we want to give users some more fun ways to earn coins and play the game.

In order to play the game, a person would need to play for coins, as you saw in the first blog post. How do you get coins?

There are many ways to get coins.

Buying Coins

If you really like the game, buying coins helps support us in improving the game and making it better. If you do buy coins, thank you, we appreciate the support.

Hockey Game Coins Store

But, if you can’t afford them, there are other ways to get coins

At the top of the main menu, you will see “Free Coins”. In that section, there are four ways for you to get coins.


Hourly Coins

You can login each hour and get coins. You will need to have a Mokool account in order to access this.

Rewarded Video

You can watch a video and get coins. When you watch a video, you will get coins to play the game in return. If you like the game in the advertisement, feel free to install it (it helps us get paid) and play it a bit. Don’t forget to come back to the World Hockey Championships.

Daily Missions

Each day you will get a set of missions. Complete all the missions and you will get a coin or duck prize.



We partnered with Tapjoy to bring free coins. You complete a task, like get to level 5 in a game OR check out a flyer and you will get coins for doing that.

Mini-Game – Rewards Wheel

There are four mini games and they help you get even more coins in the game.   I am wondering if we are giving away to many coins now :).

Each day, you can spin a wheel and get a prize.


Mini-Game – Reward Calendar

For every consecutive day you come back, you get a bigger and bigger prize. If you miss a day, no problem, you can purchase an IAP to get a pass.


Mini-Game – Scratch and Score

You can win scratch cards from the spin wheel or card game. When you scratch a game, you can win a prize (coins or bucks)


Mini-Game – Card Game

You collect cards from the spin wheel. You use these cards to collect coins and scratches.


Invite Friends

If you invite friends into the game and they join, you will get coins as a thank you for brining a friend into our fun little world of hockey.

Also, from time to time, we share a little gift with you and give you coins to play.

You will see pop up from time to time to watch a video or something that would give you coins. Keep an eye out and join in the fun.

The last and best way to get more coins is to play the game and win. When you play and win, you get the pot from the other person you are playing against.  The price amount is listed prior to choosing which game to play. The higher amount you play for, the more you win.

Those are all the ways you can get coins in The World Hockey Championships.  Maybe by the time we launch the game, there will be more.

If you help us beta test the game, we are thinking of throwing in some free coins or in app purchases your way as a thank you –




The Making of WHC

The Making of World Hockey Championships Update 1


This is the first update for the World Hockey championships.

I have been working on the design phase of the game for over a year now. A month ago, we started the programming part.  Starting with game design, the graphic design last year and building a framework for my vision of this game.

The challenge was to find good programming partners who can make our vision come to life. About a month ago, we added a team of programmers who have done a fantastic job so far.  Right now we are a team of 7 (3 programmers, 2 graphic designers, 2 business/marketing/game designers).   I am guessing we have put 2,000 hours in so far and got another 5,000 hours until its completed next year.  Wish us luck.

The goal of this game is for people who want to spend a few moments shooting puck and have a fun, real-time experience. The average gamer has changed, they don’t sit and play for hours, they play for minutes.   They don’t need a deep level of sports.  You don’t need to know the players or build a team. Play for a minute or keep playing for an hour. As you get better, play for more coins against people who are at your level around the world. The real-time experience makes it more fun or you can also choose to play offline.

Now you know the vision and background on how we got here, let me show you what we have done so far. We are working from the outside in, starting on the menu, login, etc.

Update 1

The splash screen when you enter the game has some cool moving lights while the user waits to connect.

World Hockey Championship Splash Screen

You can see that there are two game modes – one on one OR tournament. You can play real time against other people. We have also added other features to make the game more fun including coins, bucks, mini games, missions, etc…more on those as we develop.

 World Hockey Championship

The first of the two games plays in one on one. You can play in real time against another person. If no one is available, you can play against the computer. You choose the amount of coins

 Hockey Game One on One Multiplayer Game

The second game mode is playing in a tournament style. Where the player can play against other players.

Hockey Multiplayer Tournament

The game will have daily missions to earn coins. There are also 3 ongoing missions at all times and life time achievements like win 10 games.

Hockey Game Daily Missions

Stay tuned. I will keep posting as we progress in our development of this game. If you have any suggestions, please reach me at