World Hockey Championship (WHC) is a competitive real time hockey game. The user positions their players on the ice to take their best shot.  Play in multiplayer or single game mode, competing with people around the world taking your best shots or making some beautiful saves in real time to win.

Features  &  Highlights:

  1. Choose the Game Mode - Real Time Multiplayer or Single Game vs computer.
  2. Play against Advance AI Bots to match your level of play, very cool stuff.
  3. Play & Win for Your Country and Your Team!  - 16 Countries to choose from. 
  4. Play Online Against Your Friends or Challenging Random Player from All Over the World on iOS, Android or Amazon devices!
  5. Play Mini Games and Get Rewards.  Collect Hockey Cards, spin the Reward Wheel and play Scratchers and Other Rewards!  Get Rewards for Coming Back and Playing each day.
  6. Level Up & Upgrade Your Skills to Beat Your Opponents! For better defence, stronger offence, better accuracy or more time to take the shot. 
  7. Compete in 6 Different Leagues, from the Juniors Hockey Leagues to the World Championships!
  8. Complete Missions and Achievements to advance in the game faster!
  9. There are tonnes of Stats, to track your Progress in the Game!
  10. Compete in Hockey Tournaments around the World
  11. World Hockey Championship is features on top 20 Sports Game of 2020 For Android - Top 20 Sports Game